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3 Oct 2007

What are people saying about us?
For Agents Information Only.....

I'm on my last day of lock-down here at home, I'll be paroled tomorrow (In case you missed yesterday's email about that you can see it here: http://www.lrc-ga.com/Newsletters.html). And I never thought I'd say this but, gee I'm glad to be going back to the office!

After 25 years in the senior market you can bet we've had our share of comments, feedback and "input." I'm not going to lie and say it was all positive. 

Yes, we've had some unhappy campers (mostly due to misunderstandings)!  But overwhelmingly, we've had mostly positive feedback.

That's a good thing, since you rely on us to make you LOOK GOOD.  And we do!

We have plaques, trophies and certificates hanging up in our office.  They were recognition from various insurance companies.  While we appreciate them, nothing means more to us than the little notes of appreciation we get from our/your clients. It really means something to us when we can make a hard time a little easier for people, especially seniors.

We also appreciate the nice emails and notes we get from our brokers.  They mean a lot to us too.

So, what are people saying about us?

Read for yourself:
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Todd Concklin