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LTCi (Long Term Care Insurance) helps people protect their assets, savings, their homes and their independence.  It also helps keep them from becoming a burden on their family.

If your clients only knew the potential disaster they were facing......60% chance of a $1 Million claim...

As insurance agents and brokers we owe it to our clients and prospects to make them aware of the disasterous potential claim they are looking at.

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A Little Common Sense.....

If you had a 60-75% chance of winning lotto would you play? 

If there was a 60-75% chance of rain would you bring your umbrella when you went shopping?

Of course you would!

Ok Then, if you have a 60-75% chance of a $1Million or more claim, shouldn't you get coverage?

 Of courseyou should!

LTCi Facts

  • You have about a one in 80 chance of ever using your homeowner's insurance, and a one in 40 chance of using your automobile insurance, but you have about a 60 percent chance that you're going to be in a nursing home after age 65......National Underwriter, May 10, 1999 
  • Sixty (60) percent of all Americans will need long-term health care at some point in their lives.....National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, 1999
  • For a couple turning 65, there is a 75% chance that one of them will need long-term care....Wall Street Journal, 2000



Talk to your clients and prospects and make them aware of the potential for needing care and the amount of money that's on the line.


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It's not all about the nursing home!  A good LTCi plan pays for Home Health Care also which may allow you to stay in your own home instead of a nursing home if you need care.  Talk to Ron about that!.

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