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Here's why you should be Doing Your Life Business with LRC in Association with

Personalized Website
We will design and build a personalized website to help you promote your agency

“Direct Life Broker and their parnters have revolutionized my business. Things that would take me 5 years to create on my own, they handed to me for free.  Had I not gotten connected with George and DLB, my business would be far behind the technological times.  I am thrilled with how far we have come and I am excited about the future.”

Michael Wiggins
Owner, Provident Financial, LLC

Our system will revolutionize your insurance practice!

Over 80% of individuals and businesses shop or research online before making an insurance or financial decision. Appeal to a new generation of insurance consumers.


Virtual Marketing System
Instead of buying leads, create your own with SEO and our mass emailer including auto-events

Save Valuable Time
Our system will keep you organized with calendars, tasks, case status tracking and downline reporting

All Services Free
Our agents and brokers receive all services at no charge, as a value added benefit

With access to 65 carriers, our agents enjoy very competive products and compensation

Place those difficult cases with the right carrier.  We can even take the application for you


About Us

DirectLifeBroker.com and its partners have incorporated cutting edge technology with one of the best consumer support staffs in the industry, to assure a simple and safe process for buying or selling life insurance via the web or direct. DirectLifeBroker.com offers a turn-key system for marketing to the 65 million Americans that do not currently have Life Insurance. In a recent survey, over 45% of households said they felt under-insured and are planning to purchase life insurance in the next twelve months.

Finding the right type of policy and correct amount of coverage for each individual situation can be complicated, but we can help. We have a full range of life insurance products for you, your family, your clients, your employees or your members. With access to over 65 companies, we are sure to find a fit for any circumstance. This is an opportunity to help those individuals who are under-insured and will soon make life decisions.

We are looking for well-qualified individual producers and agencies already in the insurance business to provide expertise in this growing market. With new technology some have elected to sell life insurance from home or online. Regardless of your current model, there is opportunity to expand your practice today at no charge!

Get on-line for your current and future clients. They shop on the internet for everything else, why not life insurance?

We will never sell your name or send you any nasty spam!

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At LRC, we've always strived to give more value-added to our brokers and this is something that delivers just that.


You just can't beat:


  • Ability to quote up to 65 carriers
  • Clients can run price comparisons themselves on your very own Personalized website
  • Virtual On-Line marketing system
  • Automated application submission
  • Sales Support second to none
  • Concierge service (who will even write the application for you)


If you've been thinking about getting yourself out there in the online age, this is the perfect, turn-key opportunity.

I'm looking forward to helping you increase your market to the millions of customers who research and buy life insurance on-line.