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Programs for Employee and Association Groups

Highlights include:

• Minimum employer group size: 3

• Simplified underwriting extended to Care Partners

• Short applications

• Fewer underwriting questions

• Agent-assisted online applications

• Higher Benefit Limits on Cash Benefit Accounts of $300,000 and $500,000.Monthly Cash Benefit maximum of $6,000 increased to $7,500 and $9,000 respectively.

• New Association program for member-based organizations.

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NEW! Simplified Underwriting for Care Partners: 

6 Health Questions ONLY!

Actively-at-work employees and actively-at-work Care Partners need only answer 6 simple health questions when enrolling in an Employer-Funded group or a 50+ voluntary group. Further simplifications have been made in health status questions, reduced to a one-year screen; and fewer “knockout” questions.

NEW! Modified Application for Family Members and Care Partners

A streamlined modified application for all other eligible group members and all eligibles applying after the open enrollment. Six health questions plus a list of physicians and medications is all we ask for on the application.

NEW! Paperless Transition

If a case does not reach participation requirements for simplified underwriting,MedAmerica provides a paperless transition to full underwriting. No need to go back to a client for additional underwriting information, or complete a new application.We will contact the applicant, obtain additional information and complete the underwriting. It’s that simple!



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