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Cancer & Heart Attack/Stroke Insurance


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Critical AdvantageSM Portfolio – With health care premiums rising and increases in treatment costs, many clients will be looking to fill the gap between coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. Cancer & Heart Attack/Stroke Insurance pays a lump-sum benefit of diagnosis, providing your clients security in their time of need.


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| Cancer | Heart Attack/ Stroke

Issue Ages

18 – 89, 18-54 (Term)

Coverage Plans

Individual, Single Parent, Family

Benefit Amounts 

$10,000 to $100,000

Basic Benefits

Lump-Sum Payment

Coverage Options

Lifetime Coverage

Underwriting Guidelines

• Express (benefit amounts of $10,000 to $50,000)

• Simplified (benefit amounts of $51,000 to $100,000)

Covered Conditions (Cancer/Heart Attack/Stroke Plan )

• Cancer – Internal Cancer or Malignant Melanoma – 100%

• Heart Attack & Stroke Conditions – 100%

– Coronary Artery Disease

Covered Conditions (Critical Illness Plan) Cancer – Internal Cancer or Malignant Melanoma – 100%
Heart Attack & Stroke Conditions – 100%
Coronary Artery Disease - 25%
Alzheimer's Disease - 100%
Kidney (renal failure) - 100%
Major Organ Transplant - 100%

Optional Riders (Additional Premium Applies)

  • Cancer • Heart Attack/Stroke


– Features and riders may not be available with all policies or approved in all states.

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Mutual of Omaha’s Cancer, Heart Attack/Stroke insurance is a perfect option for clients looking to “fill the gaps.”


In addition to the shifting cost landscape, almost everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. So along with concerns over coverage and costs, most clients will quickly see the value of these policies.

The Cancer and Heart Attack/Stroke policies offer a number of consumer-friendly benefits and options.


By providing direct lump-sum benefits to the policyholder, Cancer and Heart Attack/Stroke insurance policies are very simple. Moreover, you can offer a streamlined application experience to your clients for policies up to $100,000.

This means that policies are issued in days so you can get paid quickly.

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