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31 Mar 2008

Has Spring Sprung or What?
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Seems like spring is trying to break through but it's been just a little shy of getting here.  Saturday morning I was watching my daughter play softball and even though the thermometer said it was around 40 it sure didn't feel like it.  The sun was warm but there was this constant irritating wind that wouldn't let me enjoy it.

Yesterday was a lot better.  It was warm enough for Lisa (my wife) and I to get outside and tackle a couple of major projects that needed our attention.  First I trimmed the hedges back which were getting out of hand and then, after we hauled all the trimmings back up into the woods, I was able to clean my deck in preparation for staining it.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot of work but it sure was.  I'm feeling it today.  My spine is cracking it's way back into alignment while I'm typing this email.  It was definitely worth it though.  When I had a moment yesterday I took a break to call my brother and sat back to admire our accomplishment.  It was a great feeling to get a couple things checked off my "honey-do" list.

The good great news is that there's a temperature on the weather forecast I haven't seen since list year......65......and it's coming tomorrow.  Even though there's a little rain mixed in there it's still nice to see that high temp. finally breaking through.

It's been a little slow around the office with the holidays so we've been able to catch up on supplies.

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