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13 Mar 2008

TIME has Changed - TIMES have not
For Agents Information Only........

I'm just about acclimated to the new time on the clock.  Since we've "sprung ahead" I have all but one pesky clock changed over.  It's actually the alarm clock in my bedroom too.  The problem is that it's just a pain to change - I always forget how to do it and it takes me 10 minutes to figure it out every time.  It's now a top priority on my to-do list.

It's nice that we have light later now and spring is right around the corner. 

But what's really changed?

Over the last 25 years we've spent helping brokers like you in the Senior Market we've seen many different series of policies, different pricing, different underwriting requirements you name it.  But one thing that never changes with the time is the fact when you treat Seniors right they are the best customers to have.  They are loyal.  They love to brag about you at the pool to their friends and their kids.

We've had literally thousands of Senior clients in 25 Plus years and actually some of them are still with us after at least 20 years.  Still paying their premiums, still customers.  Why?  Because we know how to treat them!

If you haven't come on board in the Senior Market yet, what are you waiting for?  We're here to help.

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Todd Concklin