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4 Mar 2008

HDF Info.
For Agents Information Only

What's a HDF?
It's a Medicare Supplement called Plan-F+ or (HDF/High Deductible Plan F).

What's if cover?
Everything a regular Plan-F covers EXCEPT it has a $1,900 (2008) deducible.  In other words, whatever a normal Plan-F would pay is applied to the $1,900 and once that is satisfied the plan will pay.  See the outline of coverage here: http://files.lrcassoc.com/FUA/Outline/FirstUnitedAmericanOutlineOfCoverage.pdf

Where's it fit?
For your healthier seniors who don't mind a deductible.  It's about $2,000 less expensive then a regular Plan-F so if they are pretty healthy they can save money.

Won't Medicare Still Pay Even if The HDF Deductible isn't satisfied?
YES - Medicare will still pay it's 80% of the approved amount (after the Part-B deductible) for MD's and other Part-B charges PLUS what it's supposed to in the hospital after the Part-A deductible.  So the out of pocket expense isn't that high for most Dr. Visits.

How Do I explain it to My Prospect?
Using round figures, tell them the regular Plan-F is around $3,000 and the HDF is around $1,000 but has a $1,900 deductible.  Tell them to take the HDF and put the $2,000 savings in their top dresser drawer.  When they have an "out of pocket" expense take the money from the dresser and pay it.  At the end of the year, if they're healthy maybe they will have several hundred or even more dollars left in the drawer.

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