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25 Feb 2008

Freedom - What's it Worth?
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Freedom is important to most of us Americans, right?  We may take it granted at times but the threat of losing any of our freedoms is unacceptable to us.  Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press etc. etc.

We often get asked to "compare" our Medicare Supplement carrier to the "Free" HMO's that come and go and my answer is always the same: 

  "Freedom of Choice"
  • Free to use any doctor or hospital in the US (assuming they did not opt out of the Medicare System).  No checking lists of providers to see if yours is there.
  • Free to get care when you need it without getting permission - ie. no pre certification calls to make.
  • Free to get care where you need it without needing permission - ie. no "out of network" problems.
  • Freedom from paper work.......No Claim forms.  The most work in claim filing would be to fax or mail us the Medicare EOB - we even provide post-paid envelopes.
  • Freedom to keep it - Guaranteed Issue, Guaranteed renewable - the company can't terminate your client and make you look bad (except non-payment of premiums) like so many of the HMO's have done.
Does it cost more for a quality Medicare Supplement?  Sure it does.  But what's the cost at claim time without quality coverage?   When the rubber meets the road what would you rather have?  Which would you rather have sold your client?  A maze of excuses or paid claims?

You see, the HMO's put the "Free" in the premium (sometimes) but the real cost can come at claim time.  In my experience most people like to know what they are getting and will pay for it.  People like to have freedom and realize that freedom isn't free!

Why us?
Because we've been helping brokers like you for over 25 years in the senior market!  
Read what some of them had to say: http://www.lrc-ga.com/Testimonials.html

  • A+ Rated (AM Best) NY state company
  • Guaranteed issue product
  • Easy application
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • A product seniors need (and WANT)
  • Level Commission (Sell it once and keep earning the same commission year after year after year - as long as they keep it).
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Todd Concklin