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21 Feb 2008

For Agents Information Only....

I don't know about you but this time of year the beach, the sun, the warmth of the ocean breeze and the squawk of the seagulls all start sounding pretty good to me.  I've been suffering from a mild case of cabin fever and can't wait to get outside (without bundling up like Nanuke of the North).

Well, my mom and dad have that problem solved for themselves today...................yep, they're headed for the sunshine state.  They will break up the winter and miss tomorrows impending snow storm.  Lucky them!   I admit it, I'm a little jealous but they deserve to go so good for them.

He will be out until Tuesday so if you need something email me.

They are staying with my aunt and uncle who have a house on Clearwater Beach.  It's around 600 steps to the sand and ocean (my cousin counted).  I know sometime this afternoon I will get a call from them checking in and my mom will be sitting on the deck with my aunt and a glass of wine telling me how beautiful it is there.  I checked the weather and there is some rain in their forecast but the temps. are in the high 70's to low 80's - contrast that with our 30 degree snow storm that's coming in tomorrow.

In any case this week was slow due to the holiday and kids being off from school so I was able to catch up on some things.  Our supply room is stocked and ready to go if you need additional supplies.  You can order them here: http://www.lrc-ga.com/supplies.html

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Enjoy our NY weather tomorrow.

Todd Concklin