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1 Feb 2008

School's Closed...
For Agents Information Only....

One of the best memories I have is that of being a kid and waking up to my mother standing over me saying "school's closed."  I don't believe there are too many things that were more enjoyable then that!  The sigh of relief, the fluff of the pillow as I rolled back over with a smile to get a few more winks in!  Excellent!

Now "back in the day" when we were off from school, my buddy Lou and I being the entrepreneurial kids that we were, would make our way around the neighborhood with our shovels in hand.  We'd go house-to-house ringing bells and knocking on doors, looking for work shoveling driveways.  We'd usually get a few jobs and once in a while we regretted it since the driveway was bigger then we were really prepared to deal with.  It was always a good feeling to walk home with a few bucks (that we earned) in our pockets!

I had to laugh this morning when I checked the education department's website and saw that school is closed.  I still get excited about it.  When I looked outside it's not even doing anything out there yet.  I guess they are closing school in anticipation of a storm.  I contemplated just letting my daughter sleep in but I remembered what a good feeling it is to hear those words I used to hear when I was younger........."school's closed."  So I walked in, turned on her light as I usually do to wake her up.  I tapped her on the shoulder and as she struggled to open her eyes to see who it was I told her that the school is closed.  With a big smile she said "good night" as she fluffed her pillow and rolled over to continue her dreams. 

Then I had a little surprise myself.  I turned on my cell and had a voice-mail.  It was my dad.  He said I may as well work from home since we got all the banking and commission checks done yesterday.  Didn't have to twist my arm. 

So here I am, working from home today!  Technology is great (when it works).   I will follow up with my AppAssist prospects and take care of some data base updates and entries - follow up on pending, get quotes out, that kind of stuff.

Hope you're enjoying a "snow day" too.

Todd Concklin