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31 Jan 2008

What's it cover?
For Agents Information Only....

There is usually some confusion about what a Medicare Supplement actually covers.  Let me try and clear it up a little.

Basically, the supplements pick up the various co-insurance and deductible amounts that Medicare does not pay on items that are approved by Medicare.  ie.  The patients responsibility. 

Different plans pay for different things.  Some pay for the Part-B (MD) deductible for instance and some do not.  Some pay 100% of "excess" charges, some pay 80% and some pay zero%.  Some pay the Skilled Nursing Facility Co-insurance (SNF), some don't etc. etc.

To make it easier for you to determine which plan pays what I'm including a link to a training presentation (just updated with 2008 figures) available both in .pdf and power point formats.  I normally reserve these for brokers who are appointed with us and I will probably not make it available to everyone again so be sure to check it out.

I'm hoping that if you like what you see, and you're not already appointed with us that you'll take that next step and get appointed with us.  If you decide to, here's the data sheet: http://files.lrcassoc.com/FUA/DataSheet.pdf just fill it out and fax or email back to us with a current copy of your NYS insurance license.

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One thing that people like is that there are no provider lists, use any MD or Hospital in the USA (assuming they are in the Medicare System).  Another nice thing is that there is no pre-certification requirements.............ie. you don't need permission to get sick.
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