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23 Jan 2008

HDF + HHC Only = More Sales
For Agents Information Only....

Having the High Deductible Plan-F (Medicare Supplement) available is apparently a double-edged sword to some of you.

On one hand it's an easy sale because of the low premium (around $2000 lower then the regular Plan-F) but on the other hand that means you make less money so it may not be worth it for you.

Well first of all, less money is better then no money in my book.  Secondly, people will appreciate you saving them money and will be more likely to buy other products from you.

As an example you can offer them a Home Care Only (HHC) plan on top of the Medicare Supplement to give them something the supplement does not, up to $6,000 per month in cold hard CASH if they need home care.  We'd suggest showing $3,000 per month with $100,000 max as a start.

Example: A healthy couple age 66 & 65 in NY for $3,000 per month in coverage (each) max $100,000 (each) - 30 day elimination period would cost around $1,589.27
total (age 66: $831.81 age 65: $757.46) - This includes the IRBA discount.  See example quote here: http://files.lrcassoc.com/MarketingTips/MedAmericaSamplecouple66-65yo.pdf

Put that together with our exclusive IRBA 10% premium discount and you've got quite a powerful and affordable package.

Note:  Not everyone is a prospect for HDF and if you can sell the regular plans good.  But the people who are prospects for the HDF are usually healthy seniors who would also qualify for the HHC, maybe even at the preferred rate!

Next time you have a prospect for Medicare Supplement give us a shout and let us put together a package of HDF & HHC to see if it makes sense or not.

The HDF pays exactly what the regular Plan-F pays except it has a $1900 deductible.  Now that does not mean that they will necessarily have to pay the first $1900 in claims since Medicare will still pay what they pay.
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PS.  I am in the process of emailing those of you who have larger books of business with Medicare Supplements that lapsed.  This can be a good way to get those clients back.

Todd Concklin