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17 Jan 2008

Full Commissions on AppAssist
For Agents Information Only

Now The Most Efficient Way To Write Term Insurance Ever Devised Has FULL COMMISSIONS!

That's right, NOW not only is the company going to do all the work but they are ALSO going to pay full commissions !!   Can't beat that with a stick.

App Assist Flyer: http://files.lrcassoc.com/WilliamPenn/AppAssist/ApAssistPresentation.pdf

Would You Rather Be Sitting In Traffic Or Making Another Sale?

Are You Sick of sitting in traffic for a term sale?  Are you Sick of schlepping a half hour each way only to get stood up on an appointment?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could sell term insurance right from your home, office or mobile phone and PC?  Well now you can.

You enter some basic information about your client on the secure AppAssist Web Site and click Submit, that's it!   Fire and forget so to speak.   I've actually submitted new business this way in just a couple of minutes!  It's unbelievable.  The company calls the client and fills out the application.  They now also use a voice signature (which dramatically increases the number of finalized applications).  They order the exam, they order the medical records and they follow up on everything leaving you free to do what you do best - MAKE MORE SALES.

You may still get stood up on appointments but now at least if you DO you wont have to make the trip and waste your gas money.

Yes there can be snags with this type of business but we follow it online to make sure everything goes smoothly and if something does go a rye we get involved and help straighten it out.  We email you status reports but you can also check in online anytime you want to see where the case is at.

Think about it.  No checking to make sure you have all the proper forms.  No need to make sure the application you have is current.  No worries that your handwriting is illegible (I know from experience some of yours is).  No writers cramp.  No chasing your clients for a signature or an appointment.  No commute.  No sitting in traffic.  Heck, you don't even have to dress up.
Nope, Instead, With AppAssist.......

Picture this.......you're sitting at your desk - you have the AppAssist entry screen up on your PC - you have your client on the phone and you click the answers they give you to some very basic questions on the screen.  Then after a couple of short enjoyable minutes you click "submit," say goodbye and hang up.  You're done.  Now you can make another sale or take the kids out to dinner.  Your choice!

You really get the best of all worlds.
  • A+ Rated (AM Best) Company
  • Super-Competitive Rates
  • The company does all the hard work for you
  • We are there to make sure any snags get straightened out
Here's what one broker had to say about AppAssist:

Hi Todd,
I just wanted to thank you for suggesting the app assist program with William Penn! Having just submitted my first case this way, it is astounding the ease of use of the website and the reduction in paperwork needed on the agent's part to get the policies written. Just a few questions about the client and just click "submit"! That was it. They take care of the rest!

I trust your experience that the rest of the underwriting process will be as seamless as the start will help more agents try the program and see for themselves how easy it is to place business with William Penn.

Thanks again for your help enrolling me in this program.

Jim Eckardt - Holtsville, NY

If you're ready to write term business in the easiest, most efficient way on the planet......Get started here: If you're already appointed with us for William Penn email me and I will find out if you are set up or what we need to do to get you set up.

Get started today.
Questions? Cant wait to hear from you!

Todd Concklin