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14 Jan 2008

For Agents Information Only..........

STOP Giving your commission dollars away to direct writers and start offering your senior clients and prospects one of the best Medicare Supplements available.

What would you rather do:  Earn a commission and service your client or lose them to a direct writer?

  • Easy applications
  • Guaranteed issue product
  • A+ rated (AM Best) carrier
  • Agency support from and agency with 25 years experience
  • A product seniors need and want
Healthy seniors will appreciate you helping them to re-allocate their health insurance dollars you can make money while really helping them...............referrals will be much easier to come by and discussing these options leads to sales of other products-----

HOW?  Listen in on our Telenar.....

Join us on the phone, Tuesday January 22, 2008 at 2:00 PM where we will be discussing how to successfully market to seniors by helping them obtain valuable health insurance coverage that they need and want.  Let us share the secrets we've learned in our 25 years being in this market.

Listen in as Ron Concklin shares his insights into the senior market and how to be successful there.  There will be a Q&A session at the end where you'll be able to ask questions and listen to other broker's ask theirs.

Registration is necessary - to attend email Todd for the details: todd@lrcassoc.com

Todd Concklin