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9 Jan 2008

Pump up the HOME CARE.....
For Agents Information Only............

Looking for NEW LTCi Prospects?  Aren't we all? ......... While you're busy beating the bushes looking for new prospects don't forget and/or neglect your existing LTCi clients.  If you are - you're passing up potential new sales!

Make NEW Sales to OLD Clients and Look Like a GOOD GUY in the process!

Many of you have been in the LTCi market for a while and have a more than a few clients you've sold LTCi over the years.


Many clients are under-insured for their Home Health Care portion of their LTCi portfolio.  This is a very important if not the most important part of the policy to many people.


A quick policy review and if they are short on home care you can suggest A Home Care CASH BOOST

Beef up the Home Care Portion of their LTCi portfolio for your existing LTCi clients.  It's a service call you should make and one they will appreciate !

Maybe you'll make a new sale, maybe not but you're doing the right thing by reviewing their LTCi portfolio.  Make be sure it still fits their needs and if nothing else that should be worth a referral............don't forget to ask for one either!

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Todd Concklin