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8 Jan 2008

GROUP Medicare Supplements.........
For Agents Information Only.........

Firstly - keep an eye out for an upcoming seminar on this subject.

Be a hero to your groups - save them huge premium dollars on health plans by separating retirees into a separate group!

All with FREEDOM OF CHOICE - CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAM, CHOOSE YOUR PLAN, CHOOSE YOUR DOCTOR AND HOSPITAL............ I just got brochures in for the Group Medicare Supplement products - they are available if you want one let me know.

Here's a Synopsis:
  • Group retiree Medicare Supplemental and Part-D Rx. coverage
  • Company is A+ Rated (AM Best) for nearly 20 consecutive years as of 06/07
  • Company has been selling in NY since 1986 (That's how long we've been doing business with them also).
  • Choose from 100% funded, Partially Funded, 100% voluntary
  • Choose a Medicare Part-D Rx. Plan
  • NO PROVIDER LISTS - Retirees are free to choose any doctor or hospital they want!!  No need to switch MD's or facilities
  • Save money while offering great benefits:  Competitive rates for groups of 25 and more.  Low administration costs = competitive premiums.  Rate quotes are usually turned around in 5 days or less.
  • Reduce your FASB 106 and GASB 45 Liabliites
  • Lower costs by separating retirees into a separate group
  • The company does the work for you - Administering benefits to employees/members takes time away from productivity and costs them more money.  That's where the company comes in - They handle any questions retirees have about their Group Medicare Supplement and/or Part-D plans.
  • Portable - Retirees can keep the coverage even if they move to a new state.

Got a group you'd like a quote for?  Send me a census or email me with details: todd@lrcassoc.com

If you'd like a brochure let me know.


Todd Concklin