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7 Jan 2008

Let Us Help You Sell.......
For Agents Information Only....

As I've said before a recurring theme we hear very often from many of you is that you're just plain uncomfortable being the "expert" in the Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care markets because you're en expert in other areas.  Fair enough, but why lose thousands and thousands, potentially even five or six figures of additional income that's yours for the taking with your existing clients who are asking about these products and are buying elsewhere becoming other broker's clients?

In the past we've been asked to go on appointments with some of our brokers and to tell the truth time just doesn't permit it.  However, starting now since we want 2008 to be the most profitable year we've all had, we are willing to do conference sales calls with you and your client.  Basically you can let your client know that you're not an expert in these areas but your GA is.  You can let them know that we will help them make informed decisions about the products.

My dad just had one of these calls last week which I will send more detail on later but the client's remark was that "This is a no-brainer" and it pretty much sealed the deal.

This should be a no-brainer for you too.  Just give us a heads-up that you want to schedule the conference call and we will work out the schedule with you.

Contact us today and let us help YOU sell YOUR CLIENTS before someone else does: PS.  Don't forget to ask about the method we gave one of you that already got 6 of his clients to request LTCi information and quotes...!!!!!!!!!

Todd Concklin