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28 Dec 2007

Assumption Is The Mother of ALL.......
For Agents Information Only....

Assumption Is The Mother of ALL "- - - -"  Well I wont use the quote in it's original raw form but in this case - - - > it's the mother of all "lost sales"

One of our agents just learned the truth of this saying the hard way.
You see one of Agent-X's clients who was also a close friend just bought LTCi from another agent!!  Why would her friend do such a thing and snub her by getting LTCi elsewhere you ask?  Was the friend trying to upset Agent'X?  Was the other agent a better salesman or have a better plan?  NOPE - NOPE - NOPE! In fact Agent-X could have sold the friend/client the exact same plan.................so what was the diabolical reason Agent-X's friend bought elsewhere???????????  Ready for this?  Because she didn't know that Agent-X sold LTCi!  Simple but costly mistake since the premium was over $5,000 bucks!

Now I can't really knock Agent-X because I'm (as I am sure you are) also guilty of the same exact thing.  In fact, just a few weeks ago a good friend of mine called and asked me just exactly what it is I do for a living.  He knew it was "something with insurance" but when a co-worker of his was asking for an insurance agent he didn't have a clue what lines of coverage I offered.  So I'm also GUILTY AS CHARGED!
The Flip Side of The Coin!

Contrast this with another one of our agents who took our advice and implemented just one of our proven marketing methods as a test on his book of business and already has 6 of his current clients interested in LTCi coverage.  No doubt that if they buy it will be from him, not from some other broker!

If you'd like to know the proven method the above agent used to get such a quick response let me know and assuming we can do business I will tell you!

By the way, losing a sale is only one reason to make sure your clients know what lines of coverage you offer - the other is really more of a liability issue.  What if you don't advise your clients that you offer and they should have LTCi and they go into the nursing home or have a huge home care claim? 

From conversations I've had with many of you I know that some of you are not comfortable discussing LTCi with your clients because you are experts in other lines.  That's where we come in.  Find out how we can help you market LTCi to your clients and let you have an expert to defer questions to.  Remember, we've been doing this for OVER 20 years and we're here to help you.

Get your initial kits today......... Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a great weekend.............

Todd Concklin