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26 Dec 2007

Making Merry
For Agents Information Only....

Like Bob Kratchet (Tiny Timb's father from A Christmas Carol) told grumpy old Mr. Scrooge, we were "making quite merry" yesterday. 

We do Christmas at our house every year.  My wife (who's Italian) just loves it.  It starts out on Christmas eve which traditionally is an all fish meal.  I don't really like fish very much but I do like her fried shrimp and so do all my neighbors!  This year she roped me into doing the frying - - - she dipped them into the flour, the egg and then breaded and passed them over to me for the deep fryer.  I think we did about 10 lbs. of shrimp in total.  Like a couple of Santa's elves on the assembly line we had a fun time working together.  The kids usually have fish sticks since they don't like the other fishy stuff too much either. 

Once the kids are asleep Santa (me) drags all the presents out of their hiding spots and puts them under the tree.  Then he (me) takes little bites out of the cookies and carrots left by the fireplace for Ole St. Nick and the reindeer just to make it look authentic.  This year we even had a bag of reindeer food (bird seed) that we let my little guy Anthony sprinkle outside to supposedly coax the reindeer closer to our house.  Then it was upstairs to read "Twas The Night Before Christmas" and off to sleep.

I guess the younger you are the more excitement energy you have around the holidays.  And that's exactly the waking order that transpired in my house on Christmas morning.  First Anthony (4) woke around 4:00 AM.  My wife got him settled back in bed until around 5:30 AM when Taylor (13) got up and the two of them tag-teamed us.  II told them to forget it, it was too early!  They then jumped in bed with Nikki (18) and eventually the three of them managed to get me up around 8:30 AM.

After some coffee I got into the spirit and we opened our presents.  It was fun to watch the expression on my son's face as he opened his new toys and games up.  The girls were happy too when they saw what was under the tree for them.

After breakfast and some clean-up my mom, dad, aunt and Dennis came up around 1:00.  Then my brother and his family came around 2:00.  It was an enjoyable time for everyone.  And let me tell you if anyone went home hungry, it was their own fault.  I'll be eating leftovers for a while to come.

I hope you had a happy holiday too, whichever you celebrate, and that you got to spend quality time with your family.....that's what counts.

We will be open the rest of the week.  Monday, New Years Eve we will be closing early.



Todd Concklin