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15 Nov 2007

Thanksgiving Thanks........
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As I was talking to my wife last night she blurted out that next week is Thanksgiving and wanted to know if we would be sleeping at my brother's house or coming home the same day.  You know, making plans!  It really caught me off-guard - I thought Thanksgiving was further away then next week!  WOW!

On Thursday, as it is our tradition, we'll pack up the mini van with kids and deserts and drive the hour and forty minutes to the Poconos.  We'll arrive at my brother's place around 11:30-12:00 for a nice Thanksgiving celebration with our family.  Since his campground is closed for the season we'll be riding the ATVs and minibikes all over the place.  The kids (young and old alike) will have a great time!  Then there's usually a nice walk up the country road out in front of the campground and if you're really lucky there might even be some flurries gently mixing in with the blowing leaves.  There's nothing like coming back hungry through the door of the store which leads to his kitchen and stripping off your boots, hats, gloves and jackets while the different aromas of Thanksgiving are wafting all around you.

Somewhere around meal time, my mom usually makes each of us tell what we are thankful for.  Usually it's funny, with the kids squirming, not wanting to stand up and say anything or a quick stock answer.  But if you really take time to think about it we all have a lot to be thankful for.

I'd like to take his opportunity to express our gratitude for the many things we have in our lives but also for you, our brokers.  We really do appreciate your continued support these 25 years!

May you have a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving and enjoy it as much as we do!

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Todd Concklin