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25 Oct 2007

Found:  Premium dollars for the client's LTCi....
For Agents Information Only.........

Got an email today from one of you who asked me some questions about the High Deductible Plan-F.  The long and short of it is that the HDF saved the client premium dollars and I suggested that he might apply the savings to LTCi.  Well you can read for yourself below how things turned out........

Thanks Todd.

Met with the client today, and I will be meeting him on Monday to pick up the check for the med supp. It will be dated 10/29/07, but that should be fine as it is before the 11/1 requested date.

I also did your idea about him being able to afford a LTCi policy with the potential savings. After speaking with your dad this morning, he thought quoting a community only policy would be best…lowest premium and all…and within the potential savings he would have with plan F+ compared to a fully paid plan F. I brought in a quote for him and his wife with the idea of just putting it out there that it was important coverage and it is not as expensive as he may have thought (that was his statement when I started to give the quote to him ‘these policies are a lot of money’). The conversation quickly went from ‘these are a lot of money’ to him wanting quotes for community and facility coverage and upping the ‘pot of money’!

In all actuality, I find it easier to draw somebody into talking about something they would not ordinarily talk about by showing them how affordable a very important coverage can be, then letting the client add on benefits to what they deem are important to them (of course with some suggestions and guidance). This way they feel like they purchased what they wanted, and do not feel like they compromised on a plan because they could not afford ‘the best’.   Just my opinion.

Anyway, thanks for the info and I’ll call you with any questions.

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Todd Concklin