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19 Oct 2007

"This is exactly what I will need for 2008!"
For Agents Information Only...

"This is exactly what I will need for 2008."  That was the reply I got. 

It was from one of you who responded to my last email on 11/17 - see the archives: http://www.lrc-ga.com/Newsletters.html

And why not?

Who wouldn't want help
marketing LTCi and Medicare Supplements to their book of business?

Which of these marketing problems would you like to beat?

The two main "problems" I hear all the time are:
  • I don't have a lot of extra time to go after my existing client base with a new product.
  • I don't feel comfortable being the "expert" in those areas since I do other things.
Well, so far I have about 6 brokers who understand what we will do to help them tap the un-mined treasure that's sitting in their book of business just waiting to be discovered (before another agent steals it away). 

One of the best kept marketing secrets in the world - and the best part is that it's FREE

They see how we can quickly, easily and effectively we can help them with a couple proven marketing strategies I have learned from a multi-millionaire Internet marketing guru.  And now that my dad has offered to be their "in-house expert" who is available to explain the product and market to their clients they feel much more comfortable talking to prospects about it.
  • Do you have a decent size book of business?
  • Are you seriously considering marketing LTCi and Medicare Supplements to your clients?
If you answered YES it's time to take action before your competition does.

It's easy, it's effective and we're here to help from prospect to paycheck!

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Todd Concklin