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16 Oct 2007

In and Out this week
For Agents Information Only....

Both my dad and I will be in and out this week.  I'm working from home today and he's on the road again on Thursday.  I'm baby-sitting while my wife is in classes expanding her real estate business.  Currently she's an appraiser.  I suggested she get her sales person's license and hook up with a local realtor.  Amazingly enough she actually took my advice.  Usually she doesn't believe me until she sees what I tell her verified on Oprah.  She's already made a couple of good contacts in the class and the local realtor has a spot for her once she gets her license. 

My dad's out seeing some of you who expressed and interest in going after your book of business for Long Term Care and/or Medicare Supplements.  The great thing about these markets is that while it's only two products there are two different ways to approach each of them.  ie. Individual or group. He's helping them figure out the best and easiest way to go about marketing to their existing clientele.

Many of our agents have large books of business.  Either P&C or group health etc.  And they are virtual gold mines for LTCi and Medicare Supplements.  We have some unique marketing ideas we'll be sharing with those brokers who want to start mining their client bases.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming telenar on group Medicare Supplements and check our calender for a unique meeting that one of our LTCi carriers is having on 10/30 and 10/31.

We're Here to Help - Just Let us Know

In the meantime if you have a decent size book of business or if you have employer-groups you should seriously consider contacting us so we can help you market these high-demand products.  Did you know you can actually save your groups premium dollars with group Medicare Supplements?  If you have groups or a large book of business it's time to talk. It's time to cultivate them before someone else does.

Todd Concklin