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15 Oct 2007

My Halloween Baby
For Agents Information Only

Well Halloween is coming up in a couple weeks and it always reminds me of our most important Halloween ever.  You see four years ago Halloween was on a Friday and my wife was about to pop with our third child.  The Dr. said she'd probably go into labor on Saturday or Sunday but there were no guarantees.  The option he gave us was that we could wait until Monday and he'd induce her or we could do it Friday (Halloween).  The reason was that he wouldn't work on the weekends!  Great!

Halloween morning we packed up my wife and headed for St. Anthony's hospital in Warwick.  The staff was very nice and the facility was excellent.  They even had little baby lo-jack's........these were security sensors like the ones put on clothes in department stores except they were built in to the umbilical cord clips.  When ever the babies got close to the door of the baby ward an alarm sounded -- I thought it was a great idea.

It was a pretty long day and both my daughters were in attendance for the whole thing.  They each helped cut Anthony's umbilical cord.  What an intense moment.  We got to hold him and hang out with my wife for a while but then we had to high-tail it out of there to get back to our neighborhood.  My youngest daughter wanted to get in some trick-o-treating.  Our village has a curfew on Halloween so the kids are allowed to trick-o-treat from 6:00 to 8:00 PM then they have to beat it.  I think it's actually a good rule.  At least I know that after 8:00 I don't have to get out of my Lazy Boy any more!

I wasn't too thrilled about the baby's birthday being Halloween but over the years it's starting to grow on me.  We always have a little cake for him and now he know's that Halloween is his day.

Upcoming Group Medicare Supplement Telenar........

I'm waiting for our Medicare Supplement carrier to get back to me when their Group Medicare Supplement brochures are ready.  We're going to set up a telenar with their group marketing person for those of you who are interested.  From what they tell me it should be coming up soon so check your email and our calender for that.  This is going to be a huge market for some of you so stay tuned!

Speaking of our calender - I sent out an email last week but from what I can tell most email filters didn't like some of the verbiage I put in there - so just go to our calender and check out October 30 and 31 (yes Anthony's birthday) to see what I was trying to tell you............

Have a great week.


Todd Concklin