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8 Oct 2007

Who's Selling LTCi to YOUR CLIENTS?
For Agents Information Only........

First of all, it should be YOU! 

But if it's not you and another agent is taking your commission check right out of your pocket, my question to you is WHAT ARE YOU going to do about it?

Many brokers are waking up nowadays and smelling the roses.  They see the huge potential in the senior market and they'll be coming after your clients - IF YOU let them.  Some of our brokers are becoming aware of this threat and are staring to do something about it. 


IMPORTANT!! Not only do you run the risk of losing a one-time commission, worse yet, you run the risk of losing a GOOD CLIENT and all the referrals that will go to the other agent.  For instance, your client buys a Medicare Supplement from another agent because you didn't offer it, now the other agent tells them they should have LTC too - YOU just lost 2 sales.   Now who's client is it? Next the client refers the other agent to their friends and you lose more sales and on it goes!

Doing group insurance?

What happens when another agent comes in and shows YOUR group how they can save money on retirees with Group and/or individual Medicare Supplements?  What happens when the same agent shows them how they can offer LTCi to their employees at a discount with simplified underwriting? Maybe the other agent just STOLE your group right out from under your nose, that's what!

And while I'll feel bad for you when this happens, you can't say I didn't warn you and you'll have no one else to blame but yourself.

Act now, contact us for Long-Term-Care.  Oh and don't forget they'll be after your Medicare-Supplemental clients too.

Let us help you keep those pick-pockets away so you keep what's rightfully yours - your commissions and referrals instead of forfeiting them to another Rep!

We have some innovative ways to help you market LTCi and Medicare Supplements to your clientele whether it is your group or individual book of business .

just one of these ideas ( which I learned while I was in Matt Furey's Master Mind Group) is something your competition is not doing and it will put you ahead of the curve!  In fact it's such a good idea we will only be sharing it with brokers who are appointed with us for LTCi and Medicare Supplements on an upcoming training call - this is HUGE

- call or email to discuss -

Todd Concklin