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5 Oct 2007

Are you a "SALESPERSON" ??
For Agents Information Only..........

Do you get a tingle when someone asks you what you "are"?  Do you hate to tell them you're a "salesperson " ??

To tell you the truth, when I hear the word "Salesman" I picture the sleazy used car salesman who tried to sell me a 1985 Ford Mustang GT.  The car was nice but the tires were just about bald.  My dad and I were in the dealership checking it out and I probably would have bought it except for the tires.  While we were dickering about whether or not they would throw in a new set of tires the salesman said "let me go ask my manager".  Classic line, no? 

He came back out and said they "couldn't" do it.  Then magically someone appeared, started looking at the car and said "I want this car, lets make a deal."   I guess I was supposed to say "No-No I want it!"  WRONG!   What the salesman didn't know was that I recognized this guy.  He was one of the mechanics who worked for that dealership.  I had seen him around the neighborhood and knew that he worked there.  He even had on his mechanic's shirt!!  We told them to shove it and left. Good thing too because in a couple weeks I picked up a brand new, 1986, Canyon Red and Black GT and to this day it's still the best car I ever owned.

So the question is what do you call yourself?  A "broker", an "agent", a "financial planner"?  Bottom line is when you make money from a sale, you're a "salesman"!  Why does that have to be a bad thing?  Salespeople make the world go round! 

What separates us from my sleazy car salesman?  (I know not all car-salespeople are bad - that's not the point).  Here's the difference - especially in the senior market - put the clients needs first even if it means not making the sale!  Take care of the seniors.  Treat them with kid gloves.  If you'll do this it won't be long before you have a steady following of extremely loyal customers who love nothing more then to brag about you to their friends!

What are we "selling?"  * Security * Peace of Mind * Protection * Money to use at claim time at Pennies on the Dollar!  That's what!

One of the best ways for you to do this is to let us do this!  That's right.  We've been doing it for 25 years.  We know how to treat your seniors and make you look good.  In fact we just received a fax from our Medicare-Supplemental carrier telling us that we still have one of the best retention rates going!  You sell it, we service it!  You make a level commission year after year after year for as long as they keep it (in some cases we're talking 20 years on the books - in fact in a lot of cases we're talking that long).

Your relationship with these "happy seniors" will open up the doors to other products with them like Long-Term-Care, with their friends (who they brag to by the pool), their family you name it!

So, call yourself a salesperson and make people like that label again!  And let us help!

Todd Concklin