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2 Oct 2007

On Lock-Down
For Agents Information Only

I've been quiet with the emails for a couple days - reason being - I'm on lock-down here at my house.  My wife, who's a real estate appraiser (http://www.alcappraisals.com/) is out Mon-Wed's this week at Continuing Ed classes - I guess the state has figured out how to make a few bucks in just about every profession now with CE classes.

Actually, I just got back from my little guy's gymnastics class - not bad for his second time there:


So for the next couple days I'm "Mr. Mom" again - or Head Cook and bottle washer here at Casa Della Concklin!  Oh and chauffeur too!

I am extremely grateful that I can work from home - no sweat!  In fact most of you who've been emailing me didn't even know I was working from my home office. 

Anyway - we'll be putting together another tele-conference in the very near future - this time we'll be discussing how to make big money in the LTCi market by combining it with the Medicare-Supplement products - another one you won't want to miss.

Well got to run - I just heard a loud crash coming out of the playroom!

Till next time!

House-Bound, on lock-down!

Todd Concklin