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We Have Group LTCi & Medicare Supplement Plans
28 Sep 2007

Got Groups? 
We Have Group LTCi & Medicare Supplement Plans
For Agents Information Only.........

We have many brokers who are primarily in the group health insurance marketplace. 

We get asked quite often if we have group LTCi and group Medicare Supplemental plans.

I'm happy to say YES we do!

  • LTCi: Employer Groups
  • Medicare Supplement: Employer Groups
If you have groups you should be thinking of these lucrative products. 

If you have a group you'd like to discuss - Get us the information below by calling 1-800-443-5149, email todd@lrcassoc.com or fax: 1-845-425-9312

Here's what we need:
  • Employer's main location (state)
  • Census (if available)
  • Total number of employees
  • Breakdown of what states they live in (how many in each state etc.).


We still have the best in individual coverage for Long-Term-Care and Medicare-Supplements - contact us today and we'll get you started.

Also - ask how your existing IRBA members are already pre-qualified for a 10% LTC premium discount on individual plans.

Todd Concklin