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17 Sep 2007

What is Success?
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Last night around 8:00 I was reclined in my Lazy Boy watching The Yankees play Boston at Fenway.  Schilling was getting ready to deliver to A-Rod and I just about escaped into the game when the ding-dong of my front door bell snapped me out of it.  Not enough to get me out of my chair mind you, but it did slap me out of my boob-tube induced trance.  Now there are two things that my family knows I wont do....That's get up to answer the phone or the door when I'm relaxing in my E-Z Chair!

When I came to I heard my wife walking down the hallway, the chime of the house alarm chirping as the front door opened and then I heard the usual pleasantries of "Oh hi, how are you?..."

After a minute or two of eavesdropping I realized it was one of my wife's friends who had roped her into volunteering for the PTA again this year.  She was dropping off a packet of work for her to do.  During the course of their conversation on my front porch I heard my wife reply to a question about what we did yesterday.  She told her that Taylor (my middle daughter) had a softball tournament this weekend.  "Oh how'd she do?" the friend asked..........."Well, they lost" was my wife's reply.  I shook my head in disgust when I heard that and had to restrain myself from blurting out an un-welcomed reply from my relaxed sanctuary for fear I would have to get out of my chair and greet her friend. 

True enough......our softball team had lost the last game we played.  It was a semi-final game we lost 3-2 with a little help from the umpire.  But to have the only description of the weekend be "they lost" was just not right.  It really annoyed me!

So what is success?

2 a
: degree or measure of succeeding b : favorable or desired outcome ; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence

  • On Saturday, the day you play round-robin for seeding positions for Sundays games, we played 3 games.  2 of them were only 3 (of the scheduled 7) innings because we "mercy-ruled" the other teams.  But according to my wife...."we lost."
  • In just 11 innings on Saturday our girls scored 33 runs and allowed only 2.  But according to my wife...."we lost."
  • We seeded number one (out of 11 teams).  But according to my wife...."we lost."
  • We won our first game and made it to the semi-finals on Sunday only to lose that game by one run on a blown call from the umpire. But according to my wife...."we lost."

So, we "failed?"  How can you say that? 
I believe success comes in measures or degrees as the dictionary describes above.  It's not an all or nothing thing!  The fact is we won 4 out of 5 games over the weekend so we actually had a high degree of success.  But my wife, like most people, was focused on the "failure." 

"What you focus on expands"

Don't you think it's better to focus on becoming more successful instead of thinking about the "failures?"  Sure, learn the lesson from the failure but then focus on and think about the successes.  The more successful you become, the more successful you will become! Focus on success and you'll get more of it.  Focus on failure and you'll get more of that!  Your choice.

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