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10 Sep 2007

30% Chance and Soaked to the Bone
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When I ventured out on my walk this morning there was only a 30% chance of rain.  I like to walk on the nature trail in my village which winds down through the woods by the Walkill River and back.  It's a very nice trail.  Peaceful and scenic. From home to the trail and back is usually about an hour walk. It's a great way to get my day off to a positive start.  This morning was a little different though.  When I got down to the point of no return near the river it occurred to me that the 30% chance had just become 100%. 

The heavens opened up and for the rest of my walk and the return trip home (which lasted about 1/2 hour) it poured buckets on me.  At first I was a little annoyed but then I realized I couldn't change the situation and just accepted my fate!  After a while I found it to be almost comical.  I haven't been soaked like that in a rain storm since I was a little kid. I showed up back at my house looking like a drowned cat.  My tee shirt was weighing in at about 5 lbs, dripping wet and my wife looks up and says "get caught in the rain?" I just laughed and said "ya think?" and headed straight for the shower.

Anyway that's how my day started out.  But I'm dry now and ready to get to work.

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Happy Monday!

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