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5 Sep 2007

Back To School Memories
For Agents Information Only.....

Well today was the day.  My little guy Anthony and his big sister, Taylor both went back to school.  Anthony couldn't wait to go and Taylor had mixed emotions.  She was excited and nervous all in the same breath.

I was never really too excited about going back to school other than hanging out with my friends.  The biggest back-to-school memory I have is when my oldest daughter Nikki (who's now in her freshman year of college) went to kindergarten the first day.  She was our first child and my Italian wife wasn't ready to let her go.  We walked down to the bus stop with some neighbor kids and friends and the cameras flashed as the they all posed with their new clothes and back-packs.  We were all smiles, that is until Nikki's bus pulled up.  She was ready to go but my wife wasn't.  My neighbor was singing "happy days are here again" and my wife was in tears!  That's a moment in time that will be forever etched in my mind, every detail.

I hope your back to school went well today and now that we are all getting ready to get back in the groove I wanted to remind you of some upcoming training we have scheduled:
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Todd Concklin