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4 Sep 2007

Too Busy Earning a Living to Make any Money?
For Agents Information Only.......

I loved that headline.  I found it in some old marketing and copy writing materials............Actually in what's called a "Swipe File" which is just a collection of proven headlines and sub-heads.

Anyway, the headline above does apply to something I've been telling you about for a while now, William Penn's AppAssist Program.........


So now one of the biggest hurdles to the program (people actually signing and returning the applications) is solved!!  Here's the legal mumbo-jumbo "The voice signature option provides instantaneous, secure authorization using only the proposed insured's voice to initiate the application / underwriting process."
  • Sick of schlepping all over creating to write term business?
  • Sick of sitting in traffic only to be stood up on an appointment?
  • Want to write more business in less time?
  • Want to have the company do all the "hard work"?

AppAssist - the easiest, most efficient way to write term business on the planet!

Here's how it works: 
  • You get your client who is ready to sign up on the phone while you have your computer connected to the AppAssist data entry screen.  You go through some basic information (from the website) with them on the phone and click a few buttons and hit "Submit."  You're done!
  • The AppAssist Team - calls your client, fills out the application with them over the phone and now uses the voice signature to initiate the application and underwriting process.  They order the exam.  They order any APS's or other requirements and follow up on them.......freeing you up to do what you do best - SELL
  • We - follow the underwriting process on line and update you as things change - if there are snags we get involved to help the process move along.

Join our other successful brokers who are enjoying the benefits of AppAssist and don't be too busy earning a living to make any money!
If you'd like to get involved - just shoot me an email and I will get you set up. todd@lrcassoc.com or call us at 1-800-443-5149

Here's what one of our brokers had to say about it:

Hi Todd,
I just wanted to thank you for suggesting the app assist program with William Penn! Having just submitted my first case this way, it is astounding the ease of use of the website and the reduction in paperwork needed on the agent's part to get the policies written. Just a few questions about the client and just click "submit"! That was it. They take care of the rest!

I trust your experience that the rest of the underwriting process will be as seamless as the start will help more agents try the program and see for themselves how easy it is to place business with William Penn.

Thanks again for your help enrolling me in this program.   Click here to follow up on Jim's AppAssist Case.
Jim Eckardt - Holtville, NY

If you'd like to get involved - just shoot me an email and I will get you set up. todd@lrcassoc.com or call us at 1-800-443-5149

Thank you for your continued support, we sincerely appreciate it.

Todd Concklin