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31 Aug 2007

Group Retiree Health Coverage
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With the numbers of retirees rapidly increasing, providing health insurance coverage for this growing population is one of the biggest challenges facing todays employers.
  • How can they provide health insurance for their retirees, and still provide it for their active employees?
  • How can they cover payroll and pay their suppliers too?
  • For many employers, keeping their business in the black has become a daily juggling act.

Q: What Can Employers Do To Provide Retirees With The Affordable Yet Quality Health Insurance Protection They Deserve?

A: They can turn to YOU for A Medicare Supplemental Plan - Our plans provide an affordable approach for any employers with stability and longevity backing them.

Have groups with retirees?  Be a hero to your employer groups, save them money and provide quality protection for their retirees.

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Call, email or order your initial kit with licensing online : http://www.lrc-ga.com/supplies.html

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