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14 Aug 2007

MedAmerica's Webinar Schedule
For Agents Information Only

Since our webinar crashed and burned last time I wanted to give you MedAmerica's webinar schedule.  They have different topics running from 08/14 to 01/16. 

The topics are: Product Training, Multi-Life Training and New Agent Training.

I would encourage you to check some of these webinars out if you plan on selling the MedAmerica product. 

We are still looking to reschedule our webinar in the near future - I will advise.  Right now I am still wading through my different categories of paper piles that accumlated for me while I was on vacation......

I'm also working on commissions which should be going out later this week.

It's all About the Renewals...
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25 years in the senior market - let us help you there.

Thank you for your continued support, we sincerely appreciate it.

Todd Concklin