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7 Aug 2007

For Agents Information Only

We came back from the Poconos on Sunday to regroup.  Now we're heading to Allentown, PA today to check out a women's professional softball league: http://www.philadelphiaforce.com/

We're taking 7 of the girls from my daughter's travel softball team that could make it.  We want to inspire them and just have some fun watching the pro's tear it up.  We also arranged for the girls to wear their uniforms and get out on the field for the National Anthem (and maybe to shag some fly balls during batting practice).  Somehow we got the VIP seating right behind home plate too so we'll be right in the action. 

We're staying overnight and then we'll hit Dorney Park on Wednesday.  Then it's back home for a night and up to Lake George for the final days of our vacation.  My Wife's mother sold her house in Rockland and moved up to Queensbury, NY.  We plan to visit and hit the Million Dollar beach on Lake George.  Then it's back to work for some rest.

Hope you're all having a good summer.

Talk to you soon.

Take me to the Pool Daddy.....

Here's a pic of my son ready to hit the pool in the Poconos..............With all the pool paraphernalia packed, he jumped in and said "take me to the pool daddy."  So how could I refuse?


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