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27 Jul 2007

First Vacation in 20 years
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Today's my last day then I'm outta here!

Yesterday I told my 3 year old, Anthony, that Friday was my last day and then "I was on vacation."  He grabbed my hand, looked up at me and said "Daddy, will you take me to vacation?I told him "sure."  He had no idea what vacation was but he sure wanted to go.

I'm actually taking 2 weeks off.  You know when the last time I took 2 weeks off was?  Almost 20 years ago.   Ok, so we all know that even though I'm off I'll still be doing some work remotely with my laptop otherwise I'd never have gotten so much time off.

We're planning to head out to my brother's campground in the Poconos.....http://www.fourseasonscampgrounds.com/ - he's got wireless so I can connect and take care of some things.  This way I don't have a mountain of work waiting for me when I get back.  So the itinerary looks something like this...swimming, horseshoes, BBQing, campfires and most importantly, my favorite pastime "CHILAXING."

Every year my brother's family and ours goes out to Knobels http://knoebels.com/ - it's an amusement park way out where in PA.  The first time we went I was prepared to be frisked and interrogated while passing through metal detectors like going to Great Adventure.  Not here.  I was pulling a wagon with a cooler and figured it would be a problem.  No way.  We walked in and suddenly realized we were already in the park - no gates, no lines to get in.  Best of all....No riff-raff. It was beautiful.  It reminded me of being sent back in time to the 50's.  If you're ever up for a ride I'd highly recommend them.

While we're out in the Poconos we'll also check out Camel Beach http://camelbeach.com/ water park up on Camel Mountain which you can actually see from the campground.  I'm sure I'll probably get talked into doing a little horseback riding also.  Last time they gave me a horse named "Tiny" to ride. It was comical - He was the biggest horse I've ever seen.

I'll be sending some updates just to rub it in and maybe some pictures too so stay tuned.

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