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26 Jul 2007

What I learned from a kick in the head!
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You probably don't know this but I studied martial arts for well over 20 years.  Back in the beginning while I was still a green-horn, around 1984 or '85 I was sparring with a friend of mine who had more experience then me.  He was a brown belt and I was like a yellow or green belt or something.  He was more skilled and it showed.  We went back and forth with punches, kicks, blocks and combinations for a couple minutes sizing each other up.  Then it happened!  He threw a high roundhouse kick at my head - I ducked under to avoid it which I did but he did something I wasn't expecting - he followed it up with a spinning heel kick.  When I came back up I neglected to keep my hands up, basically I just stood up with my hands down at my sides..............BIG MISTAKE.  I stood up right into his heel kick and he knocked me out cold. I was unconscious for maybe 35-40 seconds and then they tell me I was wandering around the dojo aimlessly for a couple minutes which I don't remember. 

Dave felt bad because he thought he had really hurt me.  I think I did have a concussion for a couple days but I survived. 

Actually, getting kicked in the head and knocked out cold taught me a valuable lesson..........."keep your hands up dummy."  Every time I sparred after that day you can bet my hands were always up.  But I only learned the lesson because of 2 things........1) I didn't give up and kept training.  2) I looked for the lesson (granted it was an easy one to find).

Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.
--Napoleon Hill

That's good advice but remember 2 things...............1) don't give up and 2) look for the lesson.

So how does this relate to marketing insurance?  Well - how many sales did you NOT make ("failures")?  What lessons were there?  What opportunities were there (referrals, interest other products) that you missed?  Were you paying attention?  Can you learn from those "failures" and utilize that knowledge in your next sales situation?  Maybe you didn't think of it at the time but you can do it now.  Go back and replay those situations.  Learn the lessons.  Maybe even re contact those people if you now see a missed opportunity that is there.

Moral of the story..............failure can be turned into success when you change the way you look at it. You don't "fail" until you quit.  And if you quit but still have a pulse you can pick up where you left off and turn it into a success now!

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