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2 Jul 2007

Sometimes Peanuts - Sometimes Shells
For Agents Information Only

A few years ago I went to the deli to grab some lunch.  When I walked in I noticed "Bub" (the owner) looked a little gruff so I asked him how he was doing.  He just looked up from behind the counter and said "Sometimes Peanuts - Sometimes Shells." I took that to mean he was having a bad day.  But it's actually a pretty good analogy of how life works, things go in cycles.  We have ups and downs and slow times and busy times etc.  In my experience this time of year tends to be pretty slow in the insurance business.  So I use it to catch up on other things.  Mostly computer stuff like the new web site and database maintenance etc.

Techno-stuff is fun and we have a lot of it around here.  For instance we just finished installing a security camera system.  Too bad we didn't have the outside cameras set up a couple of weeks ago when someone "tagged" our garage with red spray paint.  We installed an 8 camera system with a ton of bells and whistles.  We have it set up to record when the cameras detect motion.   The outside cameras also sound an alarm on the PC when motion is detected so we know when someone is at the front or back doors or if they're coming up the driveway etc.  It's actually pretty funny.  I set up a barking dog alarm for the front door and a siren alarm for the back. 

We can also set it to email or text message our cell phones when motion is detected so we know something is going on at the office.   We're in the process of setting it up so we can log in remotely and see the cameras from home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  Once we set this up I will send out an email with a temporary password so you can connect and look around the office.

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