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22 Dec 2006

LRC's 25th Anniversary
For Agent's Information Only

You'll notice a golden sticker on some things we're mailing out now.  It says "LRC and Associates - 25th Anniversary - 1982-2007 - Spring Valley NY"

Wow, how time flies!

I've been working with my dad at LRC for just about that whole time.  I started out in the early '80's stuffing envelopes and licking stamps at night after school.  Somehow I still stuff envelopes (at least we have a postage machine now - so no more licking stamps).

In all these years we've had some pretty funny experiences and as we can remember we will tell you about them.  We've made some good friends with you, our agents (here's what they have to say: http://www.lrc-ga.com/Testimonials.html) and even some of our crotchety old clients.

Here's a couple stories for you:

Here's one of an agent we were just talking about the other day:

Our Narcoleptic Agent!

His name was Elias F and he called up my dad one day and asked to come over to our office for some product training.  At that time we were located at 15-A Harmony Rd. in Spring Valley.  My dad told him when to come and he came!  Simple enough. 

We had a conference room in the front of the office where they sat at a round table to have their training session.

About 10 minutes in Elias fell asleep while my dad was in mid-sentence right across the table from him.   So my dad looked in disbelief while this guy was off to never-never land.  He gave him a minute then shook him back to life.  Now I don't know about you but I grew up as the youngest of 3 boys who were always torturing each other so if that happened to me he would have of woken up the next morning wondering where he was.  But my dad was a little nicer and managed to wake him up to continue his training.

Here's a classic that we're always dealing with from our clients:

"LRC, Todd Speaking" A lesson in patience.

You may have noticed that's how we answer the phone here, have been for 25 years.  I always wonder why because nobody seems to listen.  Here's a typical dialog that's happened to me more times then I can remember.

ME: "LRC, Todd SpeakingClient: "Is this Label?"  NO, This is Todd - Is Label There? - NO, He's out, can I take a Message? - When is going to be back? - He didn't say, can I take a message? - Where is he? - He's out, can I take a Message? - Is he at the Club (Diamond Dealers Club in NYC)? - I don't know, can I have him call you? - When is he going to call me? - I don't know what his schedule is - can I take a message? - Can you give me his home number? - Sorry, I don't give out his home number. - Uh - Can I take a message? - No-I'll Call Back

Todd Concklin