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20 Dec 2006

Zig Ziglar Said it Right!
For Agents Information Only

One of Zig Ziglar's most famous quotes is:

"You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

How true!

People don't buy what they need ..... they buy what they want!

People also don't like to be "sold", they like to buy.

SO your challenge is to make available something your clients and prospects "want" and let them "buy" it.  And make no mistake, if they want it they will buy it.

In regards to LTCi insurance, what is it that people "want"?  Do they want premiums, elimination periods, waiting periods, inflation options etc. etc.?  Or do they want security?  Do they want "claims" or do they want "CASH" at claim time?

Do your prospects (excluding the engineers) really want to delve into all the techno-garble of the policy?  Or do they just want to know that when the rubber meets the road they will get CASH at claim time?

Do your prospects want to know how smart you are and listen for an hour as you drag them through the sample policy or would they rather see in black and white terms how the premiums equate to the benefits and potential claims?

We've put together a power-house combination that.. 1) Your clients "want" (CASH)   2) Your clients will understand   3) A 10% discount on Premiums.
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Todd Concklin