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11 Dec 2006

$1,860 in your top dresser drawer
For Agents Information Only

Confusion about the High Deductible (See new 2007 deductible amount below) Plan-F (F+) exists and it is in the minds of prospects and agents alike. We have to be very simple in explaining this plan. When people hear "high deductible", right away they envision a lot of money going out of their pockets.

Medicare Supplement Page: http://www.lrc-ga.com/medicaresupplements.html

Medicare is going to pay what Medicare would have paid regardless of which plan you have. The high deductible of this plan is satisfied by that which a regular PLAN F would have paid.

Tell them instead of giving the insurance company $3000+ per year, give them only a little over $1,000. Put the other $1,860 in their top dresser drawer. When they go to the doctor and have a co-pay of $150 or $250 or more, take it from the dresser drawer and pay it. If they are a healthy senior and like many do not have a ton of medical bills, at the end of the calendar year they may very well have several hundred dollars left in the dresser drawer. Remember whose dresser drawer it is..............

If they get hit with a lot of medical bills and use all of the money in the drawer, they have essentially a regular PLAN F from that point on for the rest of the calendar year.

2007 Medicare Deductible Information - IMPORTANT
  • 2007 Plan-F+ deductible: $1860
  • 2007 Medicare Part-B deductible: $131
  • 2007 Standard Part-B Premium: $93.50
  • 2007 Part-A (hospital) deductible: $992
  • 2007 SNF (Nursing Home) coinsurance: days 21-100 = $124
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