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4 Dec 2006

What Lazy Agents Don't want you to know about selling Term insurance
For Agents Information Only

It's 9:30 PM and you just crawled in the door after a long day of appointments.  You're hungry and tired but at least you made a couple sales.  After sitting on the LIE or the Cross Bronx Exp. in 3 hours of traffic because of another accident, getting lost trying to find your client's house and the one jerk who stood you up you realize there must me a better way.

What you don't know is that there are Lazy agents out there who made 3 sales in the time you were sitting in your car waiting and waiting for the line of traffic to creep forward little by little.

In fact the Lazy agent made 3 sales in less than one hour and never left his home.  He didn't get stuck in traffic, didn't get lost and the jerk who stood him up was no big deal since all he had to do was call him back another day.

He spoke with the clients over the phone, filled out some basic information on-line clicked "submit" and let the insurance company do everything else ie. fill out the applications, send it to the applicants, order the exams and APS's and follow up on everything.

Basically all he has to do from there is check status once in a while (if he feels like it) and wait for his commission check to arrive.

The Lazy agent was able to get done "working" in record speed and spend an extra 2 hours of quality time with his family.  He was there to help out with the homework and enjoy a nice hot dinner.

Lazy or just Smart?

Now I ask you, is this agent Lazy or just Smart?

There is a better way for you to make a living.  There is a better way for you to spend your time.  Be more efficient and make more money.  Oh yeah, and have more free time too!

For those of you out there looking for a better way to make a living........Let me know: todd@lrcassoc.com I will get you the details.

It worked for me, it worked for my other agents and I know it will work for you too!


You may recall seeing a testimonial by one of our agent's, Jim Eckardt, a while back about how much he liked the AppAssit program.  If not you can read it here: http://lrcassoc.com/test.html (it's the last one on the bottom).

Well Jim's AppAssit case was issued (actually better than applied for) so I thought I'd ask Jim a few questions and see how he liked it.  Here's what he had to say:

  • Jim, How did you like the data entry portion of the AppAssit Website?
It was very easy to use and only required very basic information to submit the case. All of the detailed questions and personal history and medical questions are left to the employees at the App Assist department.

How long did it take you to submit the request for insurance?

It only took about 5 minutes tops.
  • Was your client contacted promptly?
He was called within 2 hours
  • Was your client treated courteously?
The client said the interview and application process went very smoothly with no problems whatsoever.
  • Were all requirements ie. APS's, Exams etc. ordered and followed up on in timely manner?
Yes. In fact, the doctor required additional money to complete the APS, which the App Assist team got approved and completed in a very short time. All exams were ordered and followed up on without any input needed from me…which we all know can get very time consuming for the agent.
  • How would you rate the overall AppAssit experience?
I would say it is hands down the easiest way to complete a sale, leaving the agent time to sell instead of doing all of the back office jobs.
  • Do you have any advice for other agents who may be considering using AppAssit?
I would suggest calling up Todd and getting set up on the program. It only takes about 2 minutes and can be done even before you have a case to submit. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that you won’t be kept ‘in the loop’ about the status of the case once you submit it. I received timely email updates of any issues and status from start to finish, enabling me to keep the client updated on his progress as well.

Well there you have it.  It's worked great for me, it's worked great for Jim and I know it will work great  for you too!  Get started today.  Email me today and I will get you set up! todd@lrcassoc.com


PS. I won't tell you how much Jim made, but I will tell you that I made about $4,500 so far an just a few cases.  Total time put in is less than 1 hour - can't beat that with a stick!

Todd Concklin