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7 Mar 2007

A 3 Year Old at a Funeral
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We had Pop's funeral this past Saturday.  People I haven't seen in years were there.  Cousins and family friends.  Everyone a little uneasy to say that it was "nice to see you" due to the circumstances.

My main concern for the day was my son Anthony.  He's 3 so what can you expect?  The last couple times he came down to the office my mom took him up to see Pop.  But Pop was sleeping.  So naturally Anthony would grab his arm and say "Pop wake up, it's me, Anthony."  Being that he did this the last couple times I was sure that's what would happen at the funeral since it was an open casket.

Well to my relief that never happened because he was too busy chasing all his cousins around and was distracted.  He did stop once and comment that "Pop sleeps a lot."   Considering we were there for a few hours he did really well and he did lighten things up a little.

My mom gave me about a 12 hour heads-up that it would be nice for one of the boys (that would be me and my 2 brothers) to say a few words at the service. To tell the truth I didn't think I'd be able to and my brothers out and out told me there was no way they could.  But when it came time and they asked if anyone would like to say a few words I found myself heading for the mic.

I really had no desire to get up there and speak.  I've always hated public speaking.  But I wanted to make sure Pop was honored at least a little.

I'll share a little bit of what I said, at least that I can remember.

My brothers and I grew up in Congers, NY.  Behind our house was woods which lead down to the rail road tracks.  Pop loved spending time with "his boys" which usually meant a walk somewhere in the woods or a bike ride what have you.

One of our favorite memories was of the railroad tracks and the big decision we had to make on the path through the woods which led to them.  You see, once you got to the tracks if you made a left you headed towards the tunnel and we'd check out the wild life and other interesting stuff heading that way.  But if you were lucky enough to make a right you were now heading towards town and more importantly the ice cream store!  So the big question we'd always ask Pop on the path was "Pop, did you get your allowance today?"  If he did you can be sure of one thing.....we'd be making a right!

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