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29 Mar 2007

Fishing Expedition
For Agents Information Only

For years we have seen bills that our Medicare Supplemental clients have sent in to us.  Smaller bills for $5.00, $12.00, $19.00 etc.  Funny thing is that most times when we called to ask for details so we could order a duplicate Medicare EOB in order to get the claim processed the billing dept. would tell us "oh it was a mistake - just ignore it."  We've always wondered what would happen if the policy holder sent a check.  I'm pretty sure the provider would cash it.  That's what I call a fishing expedition.

I had a similar experience myself.  My wife had a couple special procedures when she was pregnant with my son a little over three years ago.  Due to her "advanced age" (don't tell her I said that) they wanted to make sure everything was ok with the baby.  One was paid by the insurance company and one wasn't.  Instead of rebilling or trying to figure out what the problem with the insurance company was, the billing dept. just sent us a bill for a few hundred bucks and said to pay it.

Luckily for me I knew better and we checked into it ourselves.  They problem was that the billing "specialist" had spelled my wife's last name incorrectly so the insurance company bounced the claim.  Once we enlightened the billing dept. and they re-billed it correctly they got paid.  But I know for a fact if I sent them a check I would have been out of luck.

So, always tell your clients to call and question their medical bills (and do it yourself) it usually pays off.

We've been helping brokers for 25 years (actually this year is our 25th anniversary) in the senior market so we know what we're dong and we know how to make you look good to your clients.  You sell it and make the big money, we service it here. They get our 800 number to call with their questions (unless you want to handle them), they get our post-paid envelopes (which they really love) to send us their EOB's and other materials.  We're here to help them with whatever they need and sometimes just to listen.
  • A+ Rated Company
  • An agency with 25 years of experience
  • Level commissions as long as they keep the policy (sell it once and keep on earning)
  • Part-D Rx.
  • Open up a whole other world of marketing opportunities by taking care of this need seniors have.

Join our family of brokers who are already successfully in the senior market.
It worked for them, it will work for you too - we'll be there to make sure!
  • Step one: Get Appointed (we need to get you a code number BEFORE you can write business so do this now).  Fill out and fax or email the Data Sheet to us with a current copy of your NYS insurance license.
  • Step two: Request our initial Agent's Med Supp Kit: http://www.lrc-ga.com/supplies.html - ron@lrcassoc.com, (800) 457-8904 (secure voice mail ordering system) - we will rush it right out to you via priority mail.
Questions?  Give us a shout - 1-800-443-5149

Todd Concklin