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2 May 2007

Our First Coaching Call....
For Agents Information Only..

Well today we had our first ever teleconference for our Coaching Club.  The call went longer than we anticipated so next time we may reserve a longer time slot.

My dad did most of the talking on Medicare Supplements and LTCi (including a new LTCi product that we will be sending an announcement about soon).

There were some great questions and helpful participation from members of the group.  We plan to do these on a regular basis.

Considering it was our first one it was very good and we will improve as time goes on.

Here's what a couple participants had to say already:

I just got off the conference call. I thought that it was a very worthwhile investment of my time. Good product information.
I will definitely join in whenever the next session is scheduled.
The biggest advantage of the conference call is that you don't have to interrupt your day , travel to a remote location and then spend time traveling back to the office. I think that this is a very good way to disseminate information to your agents in between your workshops.
Again, thanks for including me today.
Barry ..."

"Hi Todd,    This call was so GREAT.  We, independent brokers, are in need of this informational support.  Your Dad was terrific in all the info  he shared, very professional !   This forum is perfect for product updates, marketing, compliance, how to presentations, guidance on forms.  Great time saver for you both to say it once as opposed to 20 or more in individual conversations.  Finally, it also provides a way that we can share with each other info that may not ordinarily be disseminated any other way effectively.  Great success!  Martha  PS  I liked the suggestion to walk us through the new 1st United forms at our next call.  I see this as a big time saver for everyone!  Thanks again,  Martha"

For those of you in the club, email us your ideas and questions for the next call.




Todd Concklin