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26 Jun 2007

Guaranteed to age 114
For Agents Information Only

Yesterday I follow up on a life lead.  It's a 60 y/o female and the requested coverage type was whole life.  Many times people just don't know what to check off and whole life sounds better for some reason.  I called to see what she was trying to accomplish and was surprised that she actually had a pretty decent idea of what whole life was.   She wants to have a policy that "survives her" and she wanted the whole life guarantee.

I told her what the term premium was ($2,189 for 20 year term) but she still wanted the lifetime guarantee so I gave her numbers for a UL and told her I'd mail her some information and call her next week. 

After discussing the case with my dad he told me to use William Penn's Longevity UL 100 because when you pay the target premium the death benefit is fully guaranteed out past age 100 - in this case it actually ran out to age 114 - I'm pretty sure she is going to love that.

I'm usually focused on the term products because that seems to be what most people want.  This is a great way to give people super long guarantees and since it's all target premium you're getting paid commissions on the whole thing.

I ran some sample illustrations for ages 35-55 in case you want to take a gander: http://files.lrcassoc.com/WilliamPenn/SampleIllustrations/

If you'd like a quote you can get one ASAP here: http://www.lrcassoc.com/life.html


PS. Look for an email tomorrow on their Advantra-UL (20 year no lapse guarantee) Product - this is a great way to get a 20 year guaranteed for people ages 60-80!

Todd Concklin