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30 Jan 2007

It's a People Business
For Agents Information Only

My dad has told me for over 20 years that the insurance business is a People Business. You know what?  He's right! 

I've heard it said that the number one reason people buy insurance from a particular agent is that they LIKE them!  That's right, LIKE them!  They really don't care how many certifications you have after your name or how much you know!  Obviously they want you to be competent and help them meet their insurance needs but remember if they don't like you they will buy from someone they do like!

This is especially important in the senior market.  Agents who show respect and concern for our elderly are the ones who make the sale, not only to them but then to their children and children's children.  Remember it's a multi-generational marketing opportunity.  Seniors need health insurance.  They want to deal with someone who cares about them, whom they can trust...........and ultimately like

Here's a site you can give your Senior clients which is very helpful for people on Medicare: http://medicarerights.org

Seniors are very loyal customers, as evidenced by the hundreds of Medicare Supplements we still have on the books for 20 years!

Treat them right and you will be super-successful not only in the senior market but in 2 other generations below them!

Here's a qwik-tip sheet for Medicare Supplements: http://files.lrcassoc.com/FUA/Nyms.pdf

Amp up your income - get started in the very lucrative Senior Market today!

Medicare Supplements are something seniors need and is a great way for you to get your foot in the door with other products.
  • A+ Rated Company
  • Guaranteed issue
  • No Health questions
  • Simple application
  • We do the POS for you
  • A product seniors need and want to talk about
  • A great door opener to other family members for other products
  • Prescription Rx. (Medicare Part-D) available
  • Low Cost Plan-F+ (high deductible) available
Get started today.  If you're not already appointed with us, download the data-sheet, fill it out and fax or email it back to us with a current copy of your NYS insurance license.  I need to get you a code number BEFORE you can write new business.  If it's a rush I can usually get it done in a day or 2.

Request your initial agents Medicare Supplement kit, complete with everything you'll need

Todd Concklin