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7 May 2007

My Daughter's Senior Prom
For Agents Information Only

Friday night my oldest daughter, Nikki, had her senior prom.  So all last week my house was buzzing with girly-girl stuff.  Hair and nails and dresses.  Primping and posing and makeup and pictures.  I had to take the Harley out on Saturday for an hour just to cleanse myself. 

I left work early on Friday to get home so we could take pictures.  Not only did we have to take pictures at my house but we had to go to her girlfriend's house and then to another friends house where the limo was picking them up for more shots!

There were 8 of them in the limo and her "date" was also just a friend which I was happy about!  It's amazing because I feel like I just went to my own prom not that long ago!    Well, truth be told I guess it was (23 years)!  Nikki and three of her girlfriends even went to the same place as me and my friends afterwards.  On Saturday morning they went down to Seaside Heights (Jersey Shore) and 300 photos later it was all over.............With the digital cameras they have I guess you tend to snap more shots then usual but 300??  She was able to get prints developed at Eckerds in about 1 hour.  I managed to look through one package of prints and then I had to take a break. 

Here's a nice photo taken at her girlfriend's - she's the one on the far right: http://files.lrcassoc.com/NikkiProm/NikkiSeniorProm.jpg

Well now it's back to "normal" at my place as soon as we get the nail-polish off my son's fingers (his sister and her friends thought that was funny).

We will be having our second coaching call this Thursday at 10:30 AM - if you're not in the coaching club but want to be let me know and I will get you set up.  More info: http://www.lrc-ga.com/coachingclub.html

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Todd Concklin