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23 Jun 2007

The more I delve into MedAmerica's new product the more impressed I am.  Be sure to get on our upcoming webinars to see for yourself.

MedAmerica's Simplicityii Webinar Schedule
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Here's a list of webinars for MedAmerica's new Simplicityii product:

More Competitive

One of the things that should make the new Simplicityii product more competitive is that they removed the discount cap. So now people can get a marital or spousal discount, a preferred rate discount and an affinity group discount all together assuming they qualify.  You have instant access to an affinity group discount of 10% through our agency with IRBA

Basically your client can sign up with
IRBA for $35.00 per year and get a 10% premium discount (you take a 5% commission reduction years 1-10).  But here's the part you might not have heard........once a person signs up with IRBA, their spouse, siblings, parents, children and in laws all qualify for the discount too.  This is a great marketing opportunity for you when you make a sale using the IRBA discount you can simply ask if any of their family members would be interested in getting a discount on an LTCi plan also........

Rate Class Overhaul

have been reduced from three to two – Preferred (10% discount) and Standard. A new Underwriting Guide is on the premium proposal software and downloadable from the agent Web site.  What they have done is taken 70 items that would have normally put people into Class 3 and moved them to Standard!  This is huge for people who may have had one of those conditions.

Employer Group With Web Enrollment

Get your share of the booming Employer market with Simplicityii’s new Employer Program. Check this out: Simplified Underwriting during open enrollment for Employees and Actively at Work Spouses (see Product Highlight Tool for details), Web Enrollment, and 10% discount for all participants.

Help At Claim Time

Personal Care Advisors are the heart of MedAmerica’s highly recognized program.Through a strategic partnership with CareScout® and ScriptSave, they provide insureds and their families both expert support and advice, in addition to provider and prescription discounts.

Here's a rollout flyer with more highlights:

Get your launch kit today - email me and we will get one to you as soon as possible.  There's a high demand so let me know ASAP.


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